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He went from stud to Studlette in just a few weeks.

The United Nations refugee agency is calling for urgent support for thousands of people arriving in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) after fleeing conflict in south-eastern Central African Republic (CAR).

She has me hormones; my penis shrunk while my breasts now fill a B cup. where as she as a succesful finabce career woman was going up the ladder fast.

We do our manicures and pedicures together and our sex is lesbian style. She was finding it difficult to manage the house and she suggested that i help her and later it became my full responsibility and i had to leave the job and become a full time house husband.

He looked sheepish and asked me if his sister had told him anything about him. He thought I knew something and started to say "please don't tell anyone else about it OK".

I said ok but only if he told me the whole story and don't leave out the details.

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