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I started as a graduate trainee with Outokumpu Stainless Ltd (formerly British Steel Stainless) and spent 13 years in the specialist steel industry in ten different roles across three different countries.Being ‘Sheffield born and bred’ I am proud to have contributed to the continuation of the steel industry in the city.John Baldock is Professor of Social Policy and Pro-Vice Chancellor at the University of Kent.Nick Manning is Professor of Social Policy and Sociology and Head of the Institute of Mental Heath at the University of Nottingham.I want to see where my child support is going to come from.F*ck N*ggas in singing groups who can't sing and leaves his girl seven months pregnant he needs to get his d*ck off.How have they been affected by the global financial crisis?The fourth edition of this well-respected textbook provides an excellent introduction to social policy in the twenty-first century.

We are also active members of the school community supporting netball, hockey, swimming and rounders matches in all weathers!

I believe a great FD is characterised by their communication, analysis and interpretation skills. The devil is always in the detail so an FD must be an active listener and questioner.

Secondly, a great FD can analyse and interpret data and situations accurately, thoroughly and quickly.

Outokumpu were very good to me and put me through my CIMA qualification as well as an MBA at Warwick University.

After 13 years it was time for a change and I spent five years as finance director of Cooper Lighting and Safety, a manufacturer of commercial lighting in Doncaster that is now part of the US based Eaton Corporation.

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