Pimp your online dating profile

to be honest, I am silly and childish 99% of the time even in face to face interaction, I find it very amusing and entertaining for myself.

Be sexual but aloof, do not straight out state sex unless things are going towards dirty talk over text, and even that is not recommended before you have slept with the girl because it tends to damage the uncertainty.

If that girl is not that pretty, she won’t be used to this kind of attention, and even if she is a bit pretty, chances are that she will not get that many guys hitting on her because a lot of men are quite pussies in real life and will not have the balls to gotalk to her but they will have the balls to send her a message on a dating app.

I was lucky enough to meet an awesome girl off of tinder, things worked out between us and she gave me her tinder username and password to play around with her profile and see how it is like for a girl on a dating app.

Make your intentions clear, and do not try to win sex by investing in anything.

You are just a small little circle in her list of circles that she uses mostly to boost her self-confidence every now and then or to try to meet someone cool once in a blue moon.Here is the backend of the sexual vibe, regardless of the type of girl you are interacting with, even if she is a full on raging slut looking for nothing but a cock, your first interaction should and must remain a bit ambiguous.You should at all times leave a way out to the girl, because if she is drooling wet while texting you, by the time she is dressed and heading to your place she will be as dry as the Sahara, and then all kind of thoughts will start to pop up.they should be an extension of what you are trying to convey from the picture and who you really are, sometimes you can use canny paragraphs but it is more advised to write an original one. But really quality girl won’t really just fall for that.It will make you feel less of yourself when you keep doing the right swipe and only be matched with unattractive girls, plus what you are swiping are actual humans, it is not a game of roulette, be decent.

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