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For me, the app's serviceability makes it all the more maddening. I am battling to stay below my data cap each month, while also attempting to avoid seeing the "Storage almost full" warning on my i Phone.

The Podcasts app offers little help on either front because of how poorly it manages downloads.

So, if you're without internet and want to go back and listen again, you can.

If you're gonna look at your new podcasts when you're good and ready, then notifications might annoy you.

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Until the Podcasts app receives an update to make finding downloaded episodes easier, I suggest Overcast or Downcast -- both podcast apps show only downloaded episodes when you are on a cellular connection and have disabled streaming via cellular.How to pause and resume programs in OS X CNET ZDNet Core Multi Proccessing this BIOS feature is very simple yet very important it allows Core Duo CPUs to turn into Core Solo meaning the CPU will use .How to resume interrupted downloads from i Tunes Store You Tube That s how he gets people to suspend logic drive to Walgreens and buy i Tunes gift cards to pay the IRS The scam takes advantage of the most vulnerable .When someone subscribes to your podcast via i Tunes, they are directly connected to your RSS feed and only have to rely on their i Tunes software's settings for how often it checks that feed for new episodes (the default is once daily).More more information, read “Apple Drops i Tunes Podcast Directory Update Listing/Ping (ping Podcast) Function” by Angelo Mandato and “Apple removes Ping Feature Podcasters Need from i Tunes! For a laugh, here's that actual response I received from Gary, i Tunes Store Senior Advisor.

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