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Zuma's current term is scheduled to end next year, when South Africa holds general elections.

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But if he refuses to step down, the issue will go to the parliament.And Magashule said the ANC had not given Zuma an exact time to respond.But Magashule said he spoke with the president and expects Zuma to respond by Wednesday.In addition to all your dates, drink specials, the private booth and receiving all your matches, you'll avoid the line-up and be on Elite Speed Dating’s guest list for the rest of the night.Your invitation includes: • 6-10 dates• Drink specials• Email with Matches, Dating Feedback and Request Rating within 24 hours Rules: You are not allowed to give your full name, contact details, or any personal information that can be used to identify you during the event. If someone asks you for your full name or contact details, you should politely decline.

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