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We had a great turnout for seminars, exhibits, networking, great food and local beverages. Those in attendance will be receiving an event survey. Members and guests had the opportunity to sit in on Gerhard’s presentation to focus on the importance of well written specifications.

A summary of the key points according to our presenter is a follows: While the practice of specifications is employed everyday by members it is always a good to reminder ourselves of the basics.

If you haven’t signed up for the Awards Banquet yet, do it now! It’s a great way to support your chapter and provide visibility for your organization! Have a wonderful Spring and we’ll see you all at the events!

At your service, Andy Garner, CSI, CDT Chapter President Thank you to all who participated in in the 2018 CSI Expo. Thanks to Gerhard Guth for his presentation of the 4 C’s.

His presentation identified the different types of sexual harassment in the workplace.

Suben also initiates and manages regularly scheduled monthly “Lunch and Learn” sessions for JE Dunn’s Project Managers, Field Engineers, Superintendents and Forepersons, etc., as offered by different building product suppliers, vendors, trade partners, and related entities.

Examples of tangible employment actions are: hiring or firing, promotion or failure to promote, demotion, unfavorable work assignments, or a decrease in benefits or compensation.

Hostile work environment harassment has four necessary elements: (1) sexual conduct that is (2) unwelcome, and (3) offensive both subjectively to the recipient and objectively to a “reasonable person,” and (4) the conduct is severe or pervasive (though the Minnesota legislature has proposed legislation that would remove the severe or pervasive requirement).

Each nominee is vetted to assure their commitment to their term of service. I believe knowing your officers and their biographies is important. Reach out to them and share your ideas and concerns!

Last and certainly not least, a special thanks to , as she has prepared the ballots and run the election process for many years. We wish her all the best and hope to see her around from time to time at events. We have a great finish planned for the end of year.

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