Updating graphics windows updating

After the installation has finished, it is advised that you restart the computer.If possible, please include the name of your graphics card model (see Step 1), as well as screenshots of any error messages you have encountered.

updating graphics-40

A required DLL could not be found The Blizzard Deskop App can't be launched due to an operating system error.Keeping your graphics card drivers up-to-date will ensure stable performance of applications and games on your computer. Note the full name of the graphics card somewhere for later.Now that you've learned your graphics card manufacturer and model, go to the manufacturer's website and find driver downloads.You can find the latest Combo Update for your operating system located on Apple's Support Download When an older OS has no more incremental updates, you will need to upgrade to a new OS to obtain newer drivers and updates.Blizzard titles require version 10.10 or newer to run properly.

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