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The romantic mementos are increasingly appearing on the 1883 suspension bridge - particularly since Valentine's Day on Tuesday - as couples rush to make a public pledge to one another while taking in the Manhattan skyline.They are basic, every-day padlocks inscribed or doodled on with dates and initials of the couple, who are then supposed to throw their key in the water as a public statement of their 'everlasting love'.He wasn’t as helpful as I would have hoped, so I started listing items aloud while glaring at him, clutching my notepad. Remember ladies, romantic for him isn’t the same as romantic for you.A mob mix-up in Chicago sends two chanteuses screaming for L.Also despite it being a seemingly innocent activity, many cities say they have had to stamp it out to protect old structures and stop it multiplying without limits, something New York may have to consider in the future.In Florence, Italy, thousands of locks were removed from the world famous Ponte Vecchio as authorities claimed it was damaging the bridge.The same was done in Dublin and to try to reduce the practice in Rome a website was established so that couples could just leave a lock 'virtually'.In Liverpool in the UK, a sign on the Albert Docks reads: 'This is a special place for lovers!

Since my partner is my go-to source for this kind of intel, obviously I started by trying to get the answers out of him first. “While women THINK that’s a gift for us, it’s fun and all, but I can’t exactly play with it by myself after you wear it,” he said. “I’d love an Xbox.” In that spirit, the gift ideas under started actually coming.

I also believe that the actors were just not putting their hearts into it, Nia seemed far too fake and Corbett seemed disinterested.

Why he bothered then is baffling, I can only assume it was a favour to Nia.

Interlock your padlocks on the railings and throw away the key into the Mersey.

It’s always a struggle for me to come up with what to get for Valentine’s Day. I nodded reluctantly and presented my next lightning bolt idea, “flowers? Not a lot of guys I know actually like it when women get them flowers. “It’s not unromantic at all.” “But it doesn’t feel romantic,” I replied, eyes narrowed.

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